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Meet Farah Reiki Master at Lee Wellness in Dubai

Farah is a Certified Reiki Master with a Certified Diploma as a Spiritual Life Coach.

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Baku, Azerbaijan


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Balanced and fulfilled life enriched with service to people.


To help achieve happier life for orphans and deliver beautiful spaces.

Farah Israfilbayova

Hello, my name is Farah Israfilbayova and I am from Baku, Azerbaijan - the city of diversities and a country of deep history, a motherland of multicultural and open minded society where Islam, Christianity and Iudaism all co-lived in peace for centuries.

I was born on ​October 2, 1973​, into a family of most talented and skilled people: legacy of medical doctors known and written about in books, musicians, play-writers (famous in Azerbaijan and USSR), engineers, teachers with deep family roots and a lot of inherited drama that eventually brought me to the place I am in today - in my life and in my spiritual awakening.

  • More about Farah Israfilbayova

    Always striving for more and ever curious, I am a disciplined, proactive, responsible person capable of decision making, one with skills of negotiation and problem solving.

    Flexible when required and able to adjust within any given situation, I however know when to say “YES” and when to say “NO”. Professionally I am multifunctional - years of work in a male dominated industry was one of the best ways to get the necessary skills to withstand many challenges that are thrown our way by life.

  • Career

    I have always been an achiever, starting from being an English language tutor at the age of 15 and becoming a reputed sales person in the airline and freight forwarding industry. Working in a male dominated industry for many years has honed my skills, built my resolve and allowed me to explore the limits of my resourcefulness, all the skills that let me move on, go forward no matter what challenges I was to face.

    And eventually, I am the person I am today, walking my life’s path, fulfilling my life’s destiny - humbly serving and helping people with consciousness and gratitude.

  • Moving to Dubai

    In 1988 Azerbaijan got drawn into a territorial conflict with neighbouring Armenia, and that stated the beginning of a painful period of history for my country. We had many NGOs providing help and support to refugees that flooded the capital (Baku) and other parts of Azerbaijan and working for these organizations was an honor granted to everyone who could help the country, which included English speaking students. I​ worked for MSF-Holland as an admin staff​, (1994-1995) in charge of curfew passes for our International team members, which included regular dealings with the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In 1995 I moved to work in the airline industry as a Sales Executive, which became my work for many years, including here in UAE, first with UPS Courier (DEC 2002-SEP 2005) and later (OCT 2005-JUN 2009) with Emirates SkyCargo.

Farah Israfilbayova Reiki Master
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Reiki Master Journey

December 2018 I started my course on becoming a Reiki Healer, launching on a path of daily self healing, then moving on to heal my family and my friends, but prior to that I was doing even a deeper level of healing and letting go by having regular Reiki sessions on myself with my Reiki Teacher.

As a big part of the healing process I have also had a ​past life regression session with Laura Mendez and it is then that I tore the karmic contracts with a few toxic family members of mine which was a major shift.

Before 2019 was over I became a​ Reiki Master.

From my first contact with Reiki I met the wonderful world of animal spirits, angels and Archangels.

I know I am strong and have a strong intuitive connection with vivid visions and sensations that I can read into and explain and help the person understand, which is why I decided to take it further on.

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Farah Israfilbayova - Reiki Master

I am a teacher, Reiki Master, Interior Designer, motivational speaker with extensive experience in Business Development and Account management.

Becoming a Reiki healer was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

It has allowed me to see the world differently, with vibrant colors, awareness, and conscious life approach, that led me to healing at every level, all the time, and also to sharing this gift with people in my life: my family, friends and anyone who would ask.

I am on this never ending path to deep healing and enlightenment.

Love and Light,

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“ While tapping into my subconscious through meditations and energy work I was able to get a clear vision of what it was that I really wanted to do now that I have evolved and continue this process of personal transformation. ”
Farah Israfilbayova