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The study behind Reiki*

A study* run on 46 patients undergoing knee replacement surgery concluded that Reiki has positive results.

Out of the 3 groups of Reiki, Sham Reiki, and Standard of Care, the Reiki group was the only one that showed significant reductions in pain, blood pressure, respiration rate, and state anxiety

This enough provides evidence for a full-scale clinical study.

* Source:

Reiki for depression and anxiety

Reiki is able to help restore a person’s sense of balance, at a mind and body level.

This should ultimately help to improve the person’s mood and help her/him to better deal or overcome feelings of sadness and/or guilt.

Through its meditative practice, Reiki promotes relaxation, helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

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The meaning of the word "Reiki"

Reiki is healing therapy crafted by a Japanese Buddhist more than a hundred years ago.

It is based on a spiritual principle: we are all guided by the same invisible life force, which has control over our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

reiki rei


Spiritual Wisdom
Spiritual Guided
Universal /or Soul

reiki ki


Life Force

reiki practitioner farah lee wellness

Meet Farah

Your Reiki guide at Lee Wellness

Reiki Master

Farah is a certified Reiki Master and she can help people heal mind and body with a beautiful loving Reiki energy.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing is an incredible technique and one of the safest ways to clear blocks and negative energies while getting a restful energizing treatment.

Client testimonials on Reiki sessions

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    “ I am a regular client of Farah for her reiki and healing sessions. My family benefits from her sessions as well. I am so enthusiastic about Farah's work, she makes you feel right at home, safe, and heard. The results were immediate, from my fever disappearing after the session to mental soothing of a situation to space clearing of a place. There is much to say about Farah's work and her as a practitioner, I hold her and her work in my highest esteem. I live abroad and we work via zoom sessions or distance healing and you can feel the effect right away.. Very powerful and I highly recommend working with Farah... Much love and gratitude !! ”
    Julie DC (Switzerland)
Reiki treatment

How does Energy Therapy with Reiki work?

Based on National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)*, Reiki therapy is a complimentary health approach, and a method of directing the energy through the body to recipient’s self-healing abilities.

Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment feels like a glowing radiance that surrounds you whole state of being.

Reiki covers the whole spectrum: body, emotions, mind and spirit - creating beneficial effects, including relaxation, feelings of peace, wellbeing and security.

Reiki and self-healing

Reiki enables energy movement and encourages self-healing.

Hence, the practictioner does not heal directly, but he or she does channel the energy - somehow like a garden hose acts as a channel to direct water.

* Source:

Reiki benefits

Reiki will help you deal with quite a variety of emotional and/or physical problems that include, but are not limited to: insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and pain.


Reikie to improve sleep

There is a study from Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine* that found that college students who received 30 mins of Reiki sessions, saw improvement in stress, anxiety and sleep.

* Source:

Lower levels of pain and fatigue

A study from 2015* found that people being threated for cancer and whom received 30 minutes of distang Reiki healing (in addition to regular medicamentation) had lower levels of pain and fatigue.

* Source:

Reiki to boost mood*

People who had Reikie felt more energized and greater mood benefits, compare to other people who didn't have - this involved a 30-mins session over a period of 8 weeks.

* Source:

Enhances life quality for women with cancer

A 2016 stuudy* on women with cancer concluded that Reiki is helpful in improving life quality. Women who had Reiki sessions saw an improvement in their sleep paterns, lower depression level and higher self-confidence.

* Source:
benefits of reiki dubai