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Reiki Healing

We’ve helped thousands of people deal with illness, accidents, grief, and loss. We bring our experience, conviction, and passion to the people we treat and teach.

If you long to feel soothed and renewed and want to develop your own innate strength, Reiki Healing Arts can help.

The Japanese believe that an invisible life force flows through all of us. When this force is imbalanced, you are more likely to get sick, feel stressed and depressed.

The opposite is also true, where you feel alive, high, indestructible, and motivated, when your life force is high. Japanese healers found that by using your own hands, we can redirect the flow of this energy to certain portions of your body to heal, reduce stress and feel relaxed.

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Experiencing Reiki feels like a shower of radiance and heat, felt all around you.

It is a simple and natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

Experiencing Reiki feels like a shower of radiance and heat, felt all around you. It is a simple and natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

“ ‘Reiki is coined from two Japanese words: Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom and Power” and Ki meaning “Life Force”. Reiki together means “God’s wisdom of guiding life force.” ‘ ”

The Reiki Master will teach his/her students how to feel, recognize and move the limitless energy that is always present around them. You need not change your religion; reiki follows no such dogma.

It does not depend on your intellectual capabilities nor the spiritual level. A student need not even believe it works, they will gradually see the changes happening around them as they learn the process. At one point the student’s consciousness will take over the healing of self because its instinctive in nature.’

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  • “ Had an amazing session/reading with Lee today. Some things i was so shocked but in such a good way. Given me better clarity and understanding of certain things. Very grateful! Thank you so very much🙏 amazingly insightful. ”
    Sonia Waters
  • “ I have known Lee since the last few years and he has been the go to individual for me once you hit a wall. His intuitive powers are unbelievable and most of the times leave you speechless. A man gifted with a very very sharp memory driven by his passion of well being for all ... ”
    Amit Sharma
  • “ I got much more from the course than I had anticipated, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to share meditation with others, or simply wants to deepen their own practice. ”
  • “ I visited Lee today and I can’t express how much this has reassured me while I’m at a lost stage of my life. This was my first time experiencing anything like this and I’m so glad I visited him. His intuition was spot on without giving away too much insight ... ”
    Chrsitina Ross
  • “ Lee Wellness is very professional and very respectful. From the minute you arrive until you leave you are greeted with kindness and professionalism. Mr. Lee is very professional and very honest and he takes his time to understand why you are there and he answers all your questions. ”
    Carsten Seitzberg
  • “ Thank you Lee Sir for a truly inspirational, direct, and honest reading. You made me feel immediately at ease, you were able to steer me back on course to objectively look at things, and most of all you were truly kind and non-judgmental. ”
  • “ Had an amazing tuning fork healing session with Lee Whyberd, solved my sleep issues, Thank you Lee. ”
    Divya Narayanan