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Connecting with Angels

Lee Wellness has curated the first of its kind in the region, a practical, hands-on workshop to show you how you can easily connect with the high vibrational frequencies known as ‘Angels’.

Many of us see signs our Angels send us, but not all of us realize they are signs or messages. Working with Angels is easy and at Lee Wellness, we will show you how. It does not matter what your existing background or knowledge is or how spiritual you are.

You do not need any pre-qualifications and connecting with Angels is not associated with any religion - it is simply a science where you learn in practical ways to recognise high vibrational frequencies and how to connect and work with these frequencies in a way that makes you abundant and happy.

Connecting with Angels workshop dubai

You will discover how Angels can bring opportunity, give inspiration, new ideas & creativity into your life and more importantly how Angels can help you in your daily life

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What you will learn from this workshop:

- Confidently interpret messages your guardian Angels send you;
- Learn how to protect yourself spiritually & energetically;
- How to recognize signs from your Angels.

What you will receive from this workshop:

- An attunement to be able to raise your frequency enough to sense the frequency of Angels;
- Energetic downloads to make it clear for you to sense Angels;
- Knowledge for a lifetime that will energetically shield you from negativity and make you more positive;
- Knowledge on how to “manifest or ask” for what you want and receive it, without stress or worry.

This workshop is presented in a straightforward and down to earth approach, in clear English.

deeper awareness Angels

There are no difficult to understand concepts and you will find that connecting with Angels is far easier than you may have imagined. It is taught to you in a way that you will forever remember and the methods curated are very practical.

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By the end of this workshop, you will have developed a deeper awareness of Angels' presence and be able to confidently connect with their guidance whenever you need it. You will approach life with a new sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

This workshop is quite unique and requires a certain level of space clearing and raising frequency of the space we hold the workshop in, therefore we only run these sessions on special request or on select dates.

This is a total 4 hour workshop and you can choose to experience it in 4 hours at a stretch or over 2 days, 2 hours each. This special workshop can be provided on private request as well. Contact us if you wish to curate your own private group or individual session and experience these magnificent energies that will change your life forever in a positive, happier way.

  • “ I got much more from the course than I had anticipated, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to share meditation with others, or simply wants to deepen their own practice. ”
  • “ Thank you Lee Sir for a truly inspirational, direct, and honest reading. You made me feel immediately at ease, you were able to steer me back on course to objectively look at things, and most of all you were truly kind and non-judgmental. ”
  • “ Had an amazing tuning fork healing session with Lee Whyberd, solved my sleep issues, Thank you Lee. ”
    Divya Narayanan