Guided Meditations

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In meditation, they come together in the present.

Everyday we experience a rollercoaster of different emotions. We see something and suddenly feel bad or anxious or jealous, but the feeling does not stay forever.

You feel good after a while but these other disliked feelings are unpredictable and can come as waves to trigger discomfort in us. Lee Wellness has several unique techniques that teach you how to control and ride the waves through meditation. We run these at the center and online so you can experience these from anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to manifest that perfect love or find a balance in emotions or free your mind of stress and worry or just learn to breathe better, we have all types of special meditations intelligently designed to suit millennials, professionals, novices, entrepreneurs and monks alike.

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Through well guided meditations, you will find inner peace, a heightened sense of awareness and truly be in a higher state and be able to live life beautifully and harmoniously.

What will you experience in a Guided Meditation?

what experience in guided meditation
  • Breathing techniques to calm emotions and focus the mind.
  • How to access energy blocks within the body and effortlessly release such blocks which also can release physical ‘dis-ease’.
  • Learn how awareness of breath, external environment and emotions controls actions and thoughts.
  • How to recognise your life force energy also known as qi or chi or prana.
  • Achieve higher state of self awareness to re-discover self.

Benefits of Guided Meditation

  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Peaceful state of mind
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Stronger immunity to diseases
  • Increased motivation and drive
  • Improved focus on activities
  • Alleviation from mild illness like migraines, insomnia, asthma, ADHD and more
  • Development of Intuition and Intuitive Abilities
benefits of guided medidation

  • “ I got much more from the course than I had anticipated, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to share meditation with others, or simply wants to deepen their own practice. ”
  • “ Thank you Lee Sir for a truly inspirational, direct, and honest reading. You made me feel immediately at ease, you were able to steer me back on course to objectively look at things, and most of all you were truly kind and non-judgmental. ”
  • “ Had an amazing tuning fork healing session with Lee Whyberd, solved my sleep issues, Thank you Lee. ”
    Divya Narayanan