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Intuitive readings

Connect with Love. Receive Guidance with Accuracy, Compassion and Trust.

Everything that is going on outwardly of your life is an appearance and reflection of your internal state of life - your considerations, convictions, sentiments, and ensuing activities, thus, by being of mindful of these, you can recognize which bolster you and which impede your life.

You become progressively mindful of how your believes drive your conduct which impact your well-being and prosperity.

Experience Intuitive Readings and change your life

In this three-dimensional world, we live generally through habit and semi consciousness, on a programmed repetitive autopilot, with restricted awareness or time for profound thought of what we do and why we do it and the effect on our lives.

Nor do we consider our inner voice, our moral and ethical compass, our comprehension of the laws of nature, and the consequences of not listening to them.

intuitive readings

What happens when we routinely say “yes” when maybe we should say “no!” What arises following the brain freeze and not following your soul’s aching?

Intuitive Readings can assist you with investigating issues and conditions that occur throughout your life which require your consideration and activity.

When we ask why an individual’s life appears to be blocked, ailing in prosperity, and what could be done to better it, they may intuitively recall suggesting changes in the way they think, the mentalities and convictions they hold, and their behavior.

Intuitive readings aim to assist you with picking up information which lay within, the bits of knowledge which are ‘purely intuitive’ which will assist you with picking up clarity, viewpoints, motivation as well as direction on issues identified with your life circumstances.

The degree to which the circumstance improves is then reliant upon the activities you are eager to take or the bearings and extreme goals you are happy to advance toward.

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It’s imperative to realize you may get information which will trigger your deduction, thinking and reasoning, at both a conscious and other super conscious level, through which, and after some time, you will get the clarity you seek, point of view you been looking for.

For on a later date when things fall into place, you get the ‘Ah-A moment’ and ‘Oh, so that’s what the reading meant’ with a smile.

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Readings might include

  • Business & Career Guidance
  • Family issues
  • Financial issues
  • An unknown future happening
  • Personal health
  • Relationships
  • Messages of Love from the Universe

Readings can help you:

  • Identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs
  • Root causes holding you back from success
  • Focus on the areas of life where you need to balance
  • Find your soul purpose
  • Feel empowered, motivated, and driven
  • Find where your opportunities lie
how readings can help

  • “ I got much more from the course than I had anticipated, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to share meditation with others, or simply wants to deepen their own practice. ”
  • “ Thank you Lee Sir for a truly inspirational, direct, and honest reading. You made me feel immediately at ease, you were able to steer me back on course to objectively look at things, and most of all you were truly kind and non-judgmental. ”
  • “ Had an amazing tuning fork healing session with Lee Whyberd, solved my sleep issues, Thank you Lee. ”
    Divya Narayanan