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Lee Wellness

A center to experience new-age energy healing and balancing techniques to bring in abundance, build focus, seek success and promote happiness and well-being.

A space created out of Passion and Ingenuity

Lee Wellness teaches, inspires and practices energy healing and balancing techniques where one can use these on a personal level or for their home or business.

Most of the energy techniques practiced at Lee Wellness are based on metaphysics and quantum physics and several are ancient methods and practices re-incarnated from ancient civilizations of Ehypt and India and other countries in the world.

We practice, teach and offer only those services where we have seen make a positive difference in lives, homes and businesses.

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Why choose Lee Wellness

Lee Wellness does not compare to any other well-being center and is in a league of its own due to the nature of its foundation and the reason for its conception.

This space was created intentionally for beginners to learn and experience energy healing and balancing, and for the advanced practitioners to experience an oasis of wellness, in an authentic and very surreal environment with teachers and masters who are very good at what they do.


Lee Wellness was founded by a third generation clairvoyant medium, one who naturally understands and recognises energy. Come, learn and experience from a place that is born that way, not "made to look that way".


We are passionate about providing our clients with solutions for their well-being in a waysthat makes them conscious, brings awareness and promotes focus towards leading a healthy and successful life. Our referrals speak to our passion in our work.

Science-backed practices

Most of the practices we offer, such as Feng Shui, Scientific Vaastu, Reiki (and many more) originate from ancient practices that helped our ancestors maximise their potential and that of their environment. Our goal is to help our clients benefit from these ancient practices.

What makes us different?

We were founded by a naturally born, third generation clairvoyant medium who knows how to activate the intuitive and healing abilities in others. Our clientele are organic, loyal and refer us whole-heartedly because we are genuinely effective at what we do.

  • Lee Whyberd - Origins

    Descended from a long line of sensitives on his maternal side, Lee began reading for close friends and relatives in his 20’s.

    However, he was called to work with the Universe more seriously after an illness in his 40’s which led him to further develop his natural gifts and abilities in order to help others on a professional basis.

  • Lee Wellness Center

    Lee Wellness opened its doors in 2019, and is a sacred space designed to make you forget worries, anxiety, stress and focus on everything happy, good and peaceful.

    It is an oasis that brings light and hope to even the most serious or difficult experiences, using a combination of years of experience in several modalities, thorough knowledge, incisiveness and compassion. Lee Wellness provides private sessions, group sessions and holds events online and at its center as well.

  • Practitioners

    Each practitioner is chosen carefully and inducted through a vetting process that ensures they have the skill set required to successfully administer their modalities to clients and that they are compassionate in their approach.

    Our practitioners are unlike any you have met before and whether you experience a private or group session, it is very personal, informative and re-charging in many ways.

    Meet our practitioners.

Lee Whyberd
helping others energy
“ One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your knowledge! ”
Lee Whyberd

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