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Vastu Shastra and Vastu for home

Vastu is architecture and much more.
Vastu Shastra, the edifice of ancient Indian science.
Vastu for home has the power to change.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu is architecture and much more.

While architecture is the science, art or profession of designing and constructing buildings etc, the definition of Vaastu extend into the realm of occultism.

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Like many of our traditions, Vaastu too got neglected over the centuries for want of patronage; hence the present society could not very much appreciate and utilise this science in their construction of house, shops, office or industrial complexes.

If construction is not according to the principles of VAASTU then thinking and action of the people dwelling or working in these places is not harmonious and evolutionary; leading to disorder & illness.

This is one of the main reason of discontent and sufferings of the society at present.

On the contrary, if the laws of nature which are elaborated and incorporated in the science of Vaastu are followed, then all the Divine powers support the thinking and action of the people associated with such concerns.

Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, the edifice of ancient Indian science.

Many factors govern the life of a human being ; his fate, Karma and surroundings.

Vastu Shastra

The Shastra is being gradually applied not only in Houses but also in Commercial buildings and industries, where the clients stakes are high.

For example, Vaastu assigns the kitchens, chimneys, Furnace, boiler etc. to a certain corner on the basis of wind directions to prevent the smoke and cooking fumes from flowing into the living/working area and affecting the health of the residents/ workers.

Thus there is a great need for the architects and Vaastu Engineers to coordinate; since an architect can build a posh house but can't assure happy life to the people living in that house, whereas Vaastu - science assures peace, prosperity and progress to the owner as also the inmates.

This happy admixture of ancient heritage and modern science can go a long way in reviving this edifice science.

vastu for home

In addition to Karmas in this life, two things fate and Vaastu affect the life of a person; each responsible or 50% happiness in life.

Vastu for home

In nutshell, Vaastu for home lays down principles for construction of the houses, commercial buildings and industries etc. Which harmonies with the neighborhood, nature and the entire universe.

If Vaastu is poor the result as compared to efforts will be half even if the stars are exalted & the fate is very strong.

As against this if .Vaastu. is right and the planetary position is unfavorable than also the ill effects will not be so bad, as to that when both are poor. This means that if a house or industry is constructed according to “Vaastu” MAN’S DESTINY MAY BE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER.

Benefits Vastu Shastra

Vaastu science in India and Feng Shui in Chinese has been in practice from ancient time.

It is necessary the space (House, Office, Industry) is in harmony and balance with the element of Universe.

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Once this science is adopted slowly positive energy and currents from the cosmos enter the space (home or office or industry) for harmony and balance.

Vaastu should be looked upon as a science and ancient wisdom that has survived through centuries.

dubai Vaastu mathematical calculation

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Vastu Shastra Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vaastu Shastra applicable to Hindu Religion only?

No, the principles of Vaastu as enumerated in old classical texts are Universal applicable like sun, air and earth. They influence the lives of all human beings irrespective of place religion, cast and creed.

Is Vaastu applicable to rented houses also?

The rules of Vaastu Shastra are equally applicable to a self owned or rented premises without bias. For the vaastu deficiencies of a building, both the owner and tenant are likely to suffer.

Similarly a Vaastu perfect construction is bound to add to the peace, prosperity and happiness of both parties within few months of construction or occupancy.

Are the effects of the plot different for men and women ?

In the East N-E, North N-E, West N-W and South S-W of the plots male domination is observed. In the East S-E, South, S-E, West S-W and North N-W direction of the plots female domination is observed. For example those buildings with entrance in East, S-E direction or the South, S-E direction is found to have female domination.

In the buildings with the entrance in the East or the N-E direction have male domination. In the buildings with West S-W entrance the women are always a failure. The women staying in building with North N-W entrance do not like to stay at home. These women are always going out or to outstations. The men staying in the houses with West N-W entrance have always to go outstations or to foreign countries for work. The men staying in the houses with South S -W entrance have no interest in work. They become cruel and lazy.

How does Vaastu Shastra actually act on human beings ?

The effect of Vaastu Shastra takes place on all the people staying in a building through the following energies:

1. Biological energy of the environment around the building, cosmic energy obtained from the cosmos, solar energy obtained from North and the South pole, gravitational energy obtained from the Earth, water and wind, energy obtained from the nature etc.

On the balance of these powers depend the peace of mind and health and progress of a man. If the building is not built as per Vaastu Shastra all these auspicious powers are obstructed leading to the faults in the building.

What influences most to the living being?

The five Elements of nature affect the living beings directly as mentioned below:

(i) Earth : If there is no earth, we can not exist. It is only the Earth which makes the country look beautiful with emerald like fields and carpets of green grass; It also emitting oxygen which is so vital for existence.

(ii) Air : This is present every where; without air there is no life. The exhale which is emitted from our nostrils is called ‘Swar’ (voice). No sooner the function of the Swar stops, the living beings die.

(iii) Water : The most important thing necessary for life is water only. Around 70% of human body consists of water.

(iv) Fire : Each and every living being requires fire. For cooking food or for any sacred ceremony including marriage we need fire. Even the final absorption is not possible without fire.

(v) Space : This is a place of storage. It causes rain; deciding when, where and how much rainfall is to be given to the various earth segments.

Can the defects of construction be removed by Mantra, Tantra, Yantra (geometrical representation of cosmos energy), Worship?

The Mantra, Tantra, worship and the sacred machines (yantra) increase the auspicious energy and benefits the buildings.

However this auspicious energy does not last long because it is obstructed by the inauspicious energy produced due to faulty construction.

Should every person purchase plot with roads on the East and the North side road?

There are no two opinions on the fact that the plots with the roads on the North or the East side are really good. But due to paucity of land it is not necessary that everybody will get a plot with roads on the East or the North side.

In the plots with road on the South side the compound gate and the main entrance should be taken in the South-East of the South direction. Plots with roads on the South are very auspicious for Hotels, Steel, Hardware Store, Tyres, Oil, Chemical Engineering, Coal and Beauty Parlour Businesses.

Do the rules laid down in the “Vaastu Shastra” hold good only in the case of constructing houses or do they apply even to the construction of temples?

The rules laid down in the “ Vaastu Shastra” apply to all kinds of constructions including temples.

It applies to construction of houses, granaries, shops, theatres, factories, cattle -shed, huts, buildings, forts and temples etc. Even for a garden, park or club, the rules laid down in the “VAASTU SHASTRA” should be followed.

Is Vaastu Shastra related to Astrology ?

It cannot be denied that Vaastu Shastra is related to astrology to some extent.

If in the horoscopes of person; the stars Saturn, Mars, Harshal and Neptune are prominent and if the entrance of the houses of these people are in the South they get success in their work.

When the stars of the head of the family are prominent he does not feel the effects of the faulty construction to that extent. When the stars of the head of the family are under bad influence the doubly bad effects of faulty stars and faulty construction are to be borne.

But when the entire structure is according to Vaastu Shastra and the stars of the head of the family are under bad influence the bad effects are reduced to a large extent due to auspicious energy.

Does the faulty construction lead to bad health for a man ?

Vaastu Shastra and Biology have a close relationship.

The universal, magnetic and solar energy acting in a structure are effecting the body of a man. Mental disorder or imbalance lead to spoil the health of a person.

For health the vacant North-East corner surrounding the building is very effective. In the North - East corner around the house or of the house if there is rubbish toilet or septic tank exists it leads to bad health for men and children of the house.

If in the South -East corner around the house or of the house there is rubbish, dirt, septic tank, toilet, well, boring or water tank it leads to bad health of women, little girls.

If there is defective construction in the North-East direction it leads to chest cancer, brain cancer, headache, E.N.T. trouble, pain in teeth and possibility of attack etc.

If there is faulty construction in the East Direction, it leads to pain in the left hand and shoulder, rheumatism, sprain in the right hand etc.

If there is faulty construction in North direction it leads to pain in left hand and shoulder, rheumatism and sprain the left hand.

If there is faulty construction in the South direction it leads to pain in the waist and thighs rheumatism, paralysis and there is a possibility off fracture in left leg.

If there is faulty construction in South -West direction it leads to kidney trouble, corner of the uterus, stomach trouble, indigestion, swelling of intestine , diabetes etc.

What is the scientific base to the view that one should not do any work under the beam or bar?

The beams and bars are holding the weight of the upper floors. It means that there is tremendous weight on the beams and bars.

The weight is acting on the downward direction according to laws of gravitation. This tremendous gravitational force is working on the person working under the beam or bar. Because of this the person feels uneasy, work is not done properly and it leads to failure in work.

At night the part of body which comes exactly under the beam is affected and there are innumerable example of diseases pertaining to those parts which have come to our notice.

In reality the main entrance of the building should not be taken under the beam. The students should not study under the beam.

Why the colonies of the aristocratic and rich people is in the South of the town ?

Every city has a boundary. As we move South the distance between the North and the South side increase. The North is the direction of Kuber (Wealth God).

Kuber (has got infinite amount of wealth. That is why people staying on the South side are rich because they get maximum opening for the North direction.

Where should be the screen in a cinema house ?

Picture drama music etc are forms of entertainment. South is the direction of entertainment. Therefore it is better to have the screen in the South. As far as possible the screen of a cinema house should not be in the North. Medium level benefits are obtained if the screen is in the East or the West.

Where should be the stage of the couple in a marriage ceremony?

Every auspicious work should be done with face towards the East only then it is successful.

For the stage of the new couple should be in the West to be auspicious.

It can be all right if the stage is in the South. However the stage of the couple should never be in the North.

If it is in the East medium level benefits are obtained.

What is the fundamental difference between Indian Vaastu Shastra and the Chinese Feng Shui?

Indian Vaastushastra is based on different forces, cosmic rays, natural laws, the five basic elements different energy sources etc.

The Chinese science of Feng Shui does not seem to have given much importance to the directions since one school of thought advocates only “Directionless Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui is based on shape, colour, water, hill, photos, light arrangements, mirrors etc. As less importance is given to directions in the science of Feng Shui different meanings are attributed to different building shapes. Feng Shui is applicable more to interior decoration/ placement of furniture and works wonders for flats and apartments.

Is their a place or zone where a sick person can sleep in home to get cure faster?

If a sick person can cure himself faster if he/ she sit & sleep in NNE zone during sickness.

Is their a place or zone where a children skills can be enhanced?

Is children sit and practice their skill keeping their tools used in SW zone of the home the skill would enhance.

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