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Meet Smitha Hypnotherapist at Lee Wellness in Dubai

Since childhood, Smitha was always interested in knowing how the mind works

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Kerala, India


- Hypnotherapy,
- Chakra Healing
- Sound Healing Therapy
- Family Constellations Therapy


Balanced and fulfilled life enriched with service to people.


To help achieve happier life for orphans and deliver beautiful spaces.

About Smitha

I am Smitha. I am from India.
I grew up in the beautiful and picture state of Kerala.

My grandmother was a deeply spiritual person and I have grown up hearing her talk about the power of meditation, the moon cycles and how it affects our emotions and energies.

Since childhood I was always interested in knowing how the mind works and always wanted to learn more about it.

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Smitha's Journey to Hypnotherapy

Though I was passionate about psychology; destiny took a long route.

I graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and went on to do post-graduation in Marketing and Human Recourses. After that I worked in the corporate as an HR manager.

In the year 2006 I moved to Dubai and continued my corporate career as an HR manager. The corporate career was never fulfilling my spiritual side and I always had a sense that I am destined to do something more.

After becoming a mother I took a sabbatical from my corporate career.

spiritual journey

Smitha's spiritual journey

After losing my dad to a sudden cardiac arrest in 2015, I was figuring out ways to come to terms with that huge void in my life and to find peace.

That’s when I picked up the book “Many lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss.

This book was an eye opener for me and sparked my interest in hypnotherapy.

I started reading more and more about the power of the mind. I started learning hypnotherapy and found answers to a lot of questions I had since my childhood. Then there was no looking back.

This felt like coming back home and I continued my spiritual journey with learning pranic healing, chakra healing, family constellations therapy and sound healing therapy. Still a student learning more and more every single day.

Now I am learning Life Scripting where you access your akashic records and clear your karmas using breathwork.

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“ Since most problems are created by our imagination and are thus imaginary, all we need are imaginary solutions. ”
Richard Bandler