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Meet Yogi Sharath Holistic Healer at Lee Wellness in Dubai

He is coming from the ancient lineage of the Shivites, with ancient healing modalities of Ayurveda

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For all seekers To reach their self-actualized potential, so they can live a harmonious, purposeful, abundant and happy life


To guide practitioner's to develop harmony with them self by creating a balance their body mind and emotions, and motivate them to reconnect with their authentic self and to create a holistic lifestyle which provides them a life of happiness and success

Yogi Sharath

Yogi Sharath is a holistic healer and life coach coming from the ancient lineage of the Shivites.

A practitioner of ancient healing modalities of Ayurveda, Siddha System of medicine, Yogi uses applied yogic science, sound and vibration healing.

Yogi offers readings that are guiding mechanisms to obtain clarity, direction and freedom from present & previous negativities and trauma by releasing emotional, mental and physical imbalances empowering the individuals to move forward in your life with greater joy and ease.

journey of Self Exploration

His journey into holistic healing

Yogi started the journey of Self Exploration by training under the ancient orders of monks in a renowned monastery, back in 2007 after quitting his job as a quality analyst from a multinational company.

Awakened to his inner guidance integrated the ancient wisdom coming from ancestral lineage of the yogis, combining the modern approaches to facilitate effective healing modalities.

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Healing with Yogi Sharath

Yogi uses pulse reading as the method of understanding the clients current physical, mental and emotional states of being as well as diagnosing the imbalance creating their dis-eases.

Yogi uses his competence, efficiency and intuition to offer guidance to clients encouraging them to unite their body, mind & spirit to achieve a balanced & happy life.

Love and Light,
Yogi Sharath

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“ Thoughts becomes actions
Action creates habits
Habits builds character
Character defines our destiny ”